Nokia Launcher

Transform smartphone interface into classic Nokia interface

Nokia Launcher

Nokia Launcher is for those who love the classic interface of Nokia phones. The launcher app helps customize the Android phone interface to the Nokia 1280 interface, with many themes, wallpapers, icons, and unique features supported.

The app was built and developed from 2022 by Đào Văn Ưởng, a mobile app developer from Vietnam.

Revenue model

Nokia Launcher generates revenue by displaying ads in the app and selling a subscription package to remove ads permanently for around $4 for users.

The current revenue that the app brings is not disclosed.

Marketing strategy

Nokia Launcher is mainly promoted through the Google Play app store. Thanks to its unique nature, the app receives widespread sharing and dissemination from the user community. This forms the basis for attracting new users and creating a stable traffic flow, helping the app rank in the top search results for related keywords.

Other information

The app has reached over 500K downloads on Google Play with around 20K average downloads per month.

Nokia Launcher avg monthly downloads