Platform for buying and auctioning expiring domains


Park.io provides a service for buying and auctioning expiring domains completely automatically. The operation is extremely simple, users only need to register the domain they want, then Park.io will automatically purchase that domain when the current owner does not renew. In case the domain is wanted by many people, Park.io will automatically open a 10-day auction between users, with a starting price of $99.

The product was built and developed since 2014 by Mike Carson, an American computer programmer.

Revenue model

Park.io generates revenue from fees for each domain that users purchase, with each domain priced at $99, which is also the starting price for domain auctions.

With this model, the platform earns about $125K per month, according to the author's sharing in a post on Indie Hackers.

Marketing strategy

Park.io does not spend money on advertising, but the effective promotion mainly comes from displaying the parked page on the domains that Mike owns. In this way, users will know about Park.io through direct access to the domains they want to buy.

Parked page example

In addition, the quality of the product and service that Park.io provides is also an important part that helps the platform be highly rated and attract users. With a completely automatic service model, users save a lot of time and effort in buying domains.