Smart data extraction tool for emails and documents


Parseur automates data extraction from emails, PDFs, and other text documents. The tool provides various data extraction mechanisms such as AI, OCR, or template processing, suitable for many industries and various use cases.

The product was co-founded and developed from 2016 by Sylvestre Dupont, an engineer, entrepreneur from Mauritius and Sylvain Josserand, a software engineer from the Czech Republic.

Revenue model

Parseur generates revenue through a subscription-based model based on the usage limit of the service, with the lowest price starting from $33/month for processing 100 data pages.

Parseur Pricing

With this model, the product achieves a revenue of $40,000/month, according to the author's sharing.

Marketing strategy

Parseur is promoted by effectively applying SEO and content marketing techniques, helping the product rank high on search engines for relevant keywords. In addition, the product also uses paid search advertising to increase customer reach.

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