Online photo editor similar to Adobe Photoshop


Photopea provides an interface with powerful photo editing features similar to Adobe Photoshop such as layers, masks, smart objects, filters, and countless other utilities. Furthermore, the software runs directly in the browser without the need to install additional software on the user's device, making it extremely easy to access and use.

The product was built and developed since 2013 by Ivan Kutskir, a software engineer from Ukraine.

Revenue model

Photopea generates revenue through various forms, including advertising, subscription fees, and one-time payments.

  • For advertising, Photopea displays ads in the right side of the web app.
  • For subscription fees and one-time payments, Photopea offers multiple packages at different price, suitable for the needs of both individuals and teams.

Photopea pricing

With this model, the software brings in an estimated revenue of $100K/month, according to the author's sharing.

Marketing strategy

Photopea has gained popularity mainly due to its quality, which can be called a "free" version of Adobe Photoshop, highly rated and widely shared on social media and through word of mouth. Along with that is the author's perseverance and continuous effort in developing and improving the product over the years.

In addition, by sharing about the product on Reddit in form of AMA (Ask Me Anything), Ivan has somewhat helped promote his product to more users when his posts (AMA1, AMA2) have attracted a large amount of interaction and positive feedback from the community.