Random number generator website


Random.org is not an average random number generator website, the randomness provided by random.org is calculated from a true random factor, the atmospheric noise. This helps the website become more reliable than other random number generator websites, suitable for applications that require fair and accurate randomness such as lottery, sweepstakes, or applications in the fields of science, music, and art.

The product was built and developed since 1998 by Dr. Mads Haahr, a Ph.D. professor specializing in computer science and statistics from Ireland.

Revenue model

Random.org generates revenue in many different forms around the random number generation service, including: displaying ads on the website, charging fees for the third-party draw service, charging recurring fee for customers using the random.org API or the multi-round giveaways service.

The total revenue that the product generates from all the aforementioned sources is not disclosed, but with an average monthly traffic of over 5 million visitors, the product can generate an estimated revenue of $20,000 per month from advertising.

Random.org traffic

Marketing strategy

Random.org achieves a large amount of traffic mainly due to the domain name matching related search keywords and a long presence in the market, helping the website always rank high on search engines.

Random.org ranking

At the same time, with a unique, accurate, fair, and reliable random number generation algorithm, random.org has become an indispensable tool in many fields and is trusted by many organizations, businesses, and individuals.