API to easily capture web page screenshots


ScreenshotOne provides a superior API for capturing web page screenshots, helping developers easily create high-quality web page screenshots with just one line of code. Along with many features such as removing ads, turning off cookie banners, hiding or activating elements on the web page, ScreenshotOne makes the web page screenshot process extremely simple.

The platform was built and developed from 2022 by Dmytro Krasun, a software engineer from Israel.

Revenue model

ScreenshotOne generates revenue by charging partners for using the service on a regular basis. Subscription packages range from basic to advanced, with prices ranging from $17 to $259 per month, suitable for the needs of individual and business customers.

With this model, ScreenshotOne currently generates an average revenue of around $5,500/month and is still growing, according to the author's sharing.

ScreenshotOne revenue

Marketing strategy

ScreenshotOne is promoted mainly through the application of SEO techniques, helping the product easily reach users through search engines. At the same time, the product development process is also shared publicly on Twitter, bringing a lot of attention and interaction from the developer community on this social network.

A significant contribution to the promotion of the product is the quality of the product and the ability of Dmytro, continuously bringing convenient features, highly rated and widely spread by users.

Other information

ScreenshotOne is operated using Cloudflare services, Pages to host the homepage, Workers to run the API.