Create beautiful status pages quickly and easily


Instatus allows creating status pages, helping businesses and individuals notify the status of their systems, websites, or applications to their customers. The product also provides many beautiful designs along with a powerful API that makes it easy to integrate with many different platforms and services.

The product was built and developed since 2019 by Ali Salah, a software engineer from Egypt.

Revenue model

Instatus generates revenue by charging individuals and businesses a recurring fee for using the service, with many different subscription plans suitable for the needs of each customer. The prices range from $20 to $300 per month.

With this model, the product currently generates revenue of about $20,000/month, according to the author's sharing.

Instatus revenue

Marketing strategy

Instatus was mainly promoted through paid search advertising (Google Ads) in the early stages. Later, the product shifted to focus on content marketing through blog posts and social media channels such as Twitter, Reddit.

The product was also promoted through Product Hunt and reached the #1 position in the daily product list.

In addition, allowing users to create status pages for free also helped the product spread quickly as each status page has a branded text "Powered by Instatus".

Instatus branding